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Phone Features

Alternate Caller ID Number

Switch which caller ID number is sent out between your primary and virtual numbers. * some conditions apply

Anonymous Call Rejection

Reject calls from anyone that has blocked their name or number. The caller will automatically be sent to a recording informing them you do not wish to receive blocked calls.


Block calls from phone numbers you specify. Blacklisted callers will receive an automated message informing them their number has been blocked. Your phone will not ring when they call.

Call Forwarding

Forward incoming calls to any telephone number.

Online Account Management

Administer all phone features including voicemail from a easy to use web interface, No more * codes over the phone.

CDR Reports

Detailed call reports in graphical as well as tabular representation that can be used for call volumn analysis.

Call Waiting

Hear a tone that indicates you have a second call coming in on your line.

Caller ID

See the phone number of the person that is calling you.

Caller ID Blocking

Block your number from appearing on the Caller ID box of the person you called.

Do Not Disturb

Automatically send calls to your Voicemail without your phone ever ringing.

Simultaneous Ring

Simultaneous Ring will ring each of the numbers you configure at the same time.

International Call Blocking

Block all outgoing calls to international destinations.

Number Portability

Keep your existing phone number. In most cases we can port your existing CA phone number. To verify that we can port your phone number, email

Music on Hold

Play music while you have a caller on hold.

Repeat Dial

Redial the last number you called.

Detailed Call Records

Ability to review call logs for the past 3 months.

Speed Dial

Automatically pre-program up to 10 frequently called numbers into the system for easy dialing.

Three-way Calling

Conference with two parties simultaneously.

Vacation Mode

Locks phone down except for Emergency calls.

Virtual Phone Numbers

A virtual number is an additional number you can give to others that rings through to your primary number.

Voicemail to Email

Receive notification of a Voicemail via your personal email. You may choose to attach a .wav file which will allow you to listen to the message on your computer. You may also dial into the Voicemail system to retrieve your messages.

Online Voicemail

Listen to and manage voicemail online.