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All businesses want to increase their employees’ productivity. With VoicePeer, employees can be at home or on the road and, by simply taking their office phone and plugging it into an Internet connection, maintain the appearance of being at their office desk. In addition, employees can connect all of their phone devices to ring simultaneously so they can stay connected to the office no matter where they are. 



Design your system to meet your current requirements knowing that it is scalable to accommodate your business growth. You can choose from an extensive list of features and you will never have to deal with the phone company again. You can move employees within your office by simply unplugging the phone at their current station and plugging it in at their new station without the need to reconfigure any of the circuits and their phone number stays with them. 

Cost Savings 

With almost everything you purchase today, adding functionality and features means additional costs to a business. In VoicePeer‘s case, adding more features and functionality costs significantly less than what you are paying with your traditional plan, through your current phone service provider. 

Free long distance within North America 

If you are a business that frequently makes long distance calls, whether it’s to customers or to your offices and employees in other locations, the cost savings will be significant. If your business doesn’t currently make many long distance calls, you have the opportunity to expand your reach to prospective customers with no additional cost. 




For more info on how VoicePeer® can help increase your business and / or reduce your costs, please contact us at